Mimarlık 401.| May-June 2018



Construction Sector and Architecture Before the Elections / Doğan Hasol

Evaluating architectural indications, Hasol comments upon the political and economic situation before the elections to be held on 24th of June. He reveals takes the “crimes” committed against cities and the country and states that the immediate adoption of the “National Architecture Policy” is the only way to a solution.


Winds of Change in the Academy and Hamdi Şensoy / Gündüz Gökçe

The former dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, the retired professor of the Building Science Graduate program in the Department of Architecture of the same University, Prof. Hamdi Şensoy, with an id no 549 to Chamber of Architects’ İstanbul Metropolitan Branch, passed away on April 18, 2018. Graduated from State Academy of Fine Arts in 1952, Şensoy was the “Grand Award” (Sinan Prize) awardee in the 10 th National Architecture Awards Programme. Gündüz Gökçe has written his obituary.


Sugar Factories as Interfaces of Rural Development / Burak Asiliskender

Considering sugar factories that are have recently been sold one after the other as mere production spaces will make you miss the crucial point entirely.  These complexes have significant contribution to city life and the buildings themselves are part of the cultural heritage constituting the local architectural history. The author particularly notes that sugar factories are one of the driving forces of economic and social development.

Do not Touch to My Museum: The Hagia Sophia in Trabzon / Zeynep Ahunbay

The Hagia Sophia in Trabzon, which had been open to visitors since 1964 as a museum, was turned into a mosque in 2013. As the building is a common heritage of mankind, to preserve the aesthetic and artistic characteristics of the monument, the Chamber of Architects advocated the necessity to protect the museum status and this legal struggle continues ever since. In April, the court has cancelled the conversion projects that were approved by the Preservation Board against the law and various conservation principles. We will be watching the steps to be taken after this point. The author reveals the reasons for this struggle, and once again draws our attention to the historical significance of this structure.

After 50 Years, May 1968 in France and its Role in Architectural Education Reforms / Ufuk Doğrusöz

This spring, the events of May has been reconsidered for its 50th anniversary and named as one of the most extraordinary social and political events in the 20th century. The author reviews the significance of the events and assesses possible effects regarding the changes in architectural education.


Organised by the Chamber of Architects (CAT) in every two years, and celebrating its 32nd anniversary this year, National Architecture Exhibition and Awards programme took place in Ankara. In its 16th cycle, the Exhibition achieved a high level of participation under 6 categories, with 123 projects presented in 174 presentation boards in total.

The Selection Committee for the Awards programme of 16th cycle consisted of Günkut Akın (chairman), Cem İlhan, Ziya Canbazoğlu, Ferhat Hacıalibeyoğlu and Lale Özgenel; and the evaluation meetings took place in March 22-24, 2018. The Committee selected 24 projects in the categories of “Building,” “Building / Environmental (Public Space) Design”, “Building / Preservation”, “Project” and “Presentation of Ideas” and named the awarded architects for “Grand Award” (Sinan Prize), “Achievement Award in Contribution to Architecture” and “Commemoration Program,” and shared the results with the public before the ceremony. The award ceremony and the opening of the exhibition took place in CerModern, Ankara, on April 6 th, 2018. The exhibition met the audience in Ankara in April, and will be on display in Istanbul from May 7 th to 17 th; in Izmir from October 1st to 19 th; in Adana from October 22nd to November 2nd; in Samsun from November 5 th to 17 th; and in Hatay from November 19 th to December 3rd.

The file also includes reviews from Selection Committee members Günkut Akın, Ziya Canbazoğlu, Ferhat Hacıalibeyoğlu, Cem İlhan and Lale Özgenel.


2018 Pritzker Prize Goes to Doshi: Gates to Synthesis

2018 Pritzker Prize winner Balkrishna V. Doshi emphasizes that good practice in architecture and planning is not merely a combination of function and structure; at the same time, it requires a comprehensive unity between the climate, the land, technic and local crafts with the context. Doshi will receive the award during the ceremony at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto in May.


Ankara, the Capital / 1: Formation and Transformation Processes of Special Interest Areas / S. Güven Bilsel

S. Güven Bilsel aims to review the processes of formation and transformation of the spatial identity of the capital city of Ankara, in its phases from past to present and from now to the future. This article is the first of three consecutive sections based on the public presentation held in December 2017 in the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects.


A Modern Monumentality Approach: Giant Doors / Duygu Çöplü

To achieve monumentality through a re-interpretation of a gate, Sculp(IT) Architects has designed a gigantic door in a historical building in Antwerp, Belgium. The designed door, turning into a facade, opens into a private garden at the rear. With its splendid form, it allows the light to be taken on all floors of the house and also brings the garden into the house by functioning as a screen.

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